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Cross Country Wireless Antenna Matching Units and Baluns

SPECIAL OFFER... A revised combined price for the 9:1 current balun and 390 ohm terminating resistor for use with Beverage or the terminated inverted u antennas. This price includes international shipping.

CCW End fed Antenna

Cross Country Wireless produce a range of HF antenna matching units and baluns for end fed half wave (EFHW) antennas, off centre fed dipoles and random length wire antennas for portable and fixed station use.

Two wideband EFHW matching units are available as well as single band units that use a bandpass filter to allow multi transmitter operation from the same location while providing excellent rejection of local medium wave transmitters.

A 4:1 balun with 1:1 isolating isolator for off centre fed dipoles and a 1:1 inline isolator are available.

A 9:1 current balun and 390 ohm resistor in a diecast box rated at 50W are available for Beverage and the Terminated Inverted U antennas.

All units are housed in a compact polycarbonate box measuring 65 x 60 x 40mm.

The box is rated for 25 years exposure to tropical sunlight as well as being waterproof to IP65.

The RF coax connectors use Amphenol BNC female connectors with red and black 4mm binding posts for the antenna wire connections.

All units are potted in epoxy resin for additional mechanical strength and water resistance.

Each unit is rated and tested at 150W.

The small size, light weight and BNC connectors make them ideal for portable HF operation.

We can supply antenna wire and insulators. Please ask for a quote.

Here is a You Tube video by Julian, OH8GEJ using one of the prototype EF30B 30m bandpass antenna matching units north of the Arctic Circle:

End fed antenna matching units with international shipping. Please include a note about which band you require.

Wideband HF antenna matching units and baluns
390 ohm terminating resistor in diecast box
Off center fed dipole transformer / balun
1:1 current balun inline isolator

Please inclue a note on the Paypal receipt with details of which frequency band you require.

The CCW End Fed Antenna Operating Manual for our earlier model can be downloaded as a PDF file here.

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