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Indoor HF Active Loop Antenna

CCW Indoor Active Loop Antenna

Cross Country Wireless manufacture an Indoor HF Active Loop Antenna with a frequency range of 20 kHz to 70 MHz with extended coverage up to 148 MHz.

The antenna can be for all VLF, LF, MW and HF professional monitoring and short wave listening. It can also be used for VHF FM reception and will give useful VHF airband reception.

The antenna is a triangular loop antenna 2m (78") wide with a built-in low noise high dynamic range RF amplifier in a poycarbonate box mounted on an oak plinth for table top mounting. The antenna current consumption is 150 mA at 12V.

In addition to the excellent local noise rejection properties of the loop antenna, transformer isolation and common mode chokes help keep RF noise away from the antenna element.

The antenna can be quickly assembled and disassembled to allow portable operation from temporary listening sites with compact storage and easy installation in areas with restricted access.

A BNC female connector is used for the RF output port. RF over-power protection on the antenna input and the RF output allow the antenna to be used very close (>2m) to transmit antennas and tolerate accidental connection of a transmitter to the RF output socket for a short period (150W for 30 seconds) without damage.

CCW Indoor HF Active Loop Antenna

The antenna requires a 12V supply via a 2.1mm DC power socket (centre pin positive). We recommend that either a linear power supply or battery is used as switch mode power supplies tend to generate too much RF noise. The antenna current consumption is typically 150 mA at 12V.

Indoor HF Active Loop Antenna (US/international shipping)
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