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Cross Country Wireless Sentinel 2 general coverage receiver...a SDR receiver with CAT control

CCW Sentinel 2 Receiver

The Sentinel 2 is an HF general coverage SDR receiver covering from 0.85 to 70.5 MHz.

It has a Si570 low noise synthesised VFO, relay switched band pass filtering, NXP high linearity RF bipolar amplifier and a built-in USB soundcard.

The receiver uses CAT control emulating the Elecraft K3 transceiver. This allows it to work directly with SDR and digital mode programs with a CAT control facility.

The receiver also works with our Sentinel SDR program designed for all Windows from XP to 10 which has the facility to make and report RF noise measurements for the RSGB noise measurement program .

Key design features include:

CCW Sentinel 2 Receiver

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