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Cross Country Wireless Sentry 5 HF/VHF SDR transceiver

CCW Sentry 5 SDR transceiver

The Sentry 5 SDR transceiver is under development. A working prototype was displayed at the recent RSGB National Hamfest.

8 October 2016...Final firmware and software development is underway before the final hardware design is confirmed. PCB design for the production boards will then start. Some additional software development is needed to add VHF modes to the Sentinel SDR program.

Key design features include:

The Sentry 5 USB driver installer can be downloaded as a zip file here . The USB driver can also be loaded via Windows Update.

The SDR program we recommend for first time users of the Sentry 5 SDR transceiver is Sentinel SDR which can be downloaded here .

Development testing is also using HDSDR and CW Skimmer.

Contact Chris Moulding, G4HYG via Email address hidden from spambots for more details.

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