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Unimogs at work

This page shows some of our past work using Mercedes Unimog 4x4 trucks.

U1500 crane

April 2004 – This was our latest Unimog U1500 with an Atlas 10.5 ton/metre crane. It's one of the largest cranes that can be fitted to a Unimog and makes a very impressive all terrain crane.


The Unimog U1500 at work lifting a 15m telegraph pole style mast weighing 1400 kg off the road transport.

U1500 crane

The 15m mast lifted into position.


The U1500 on another job, this time lifting a mobile phone equipment cabin off the trailer after travelling over undulating terrain to site. This site is near Criccieth, Gwynedd in North Wales and is located overlooking the Irish Sea.

Unimog U1000 towing a cabin to a site in Mid Wales

February 2003 - This was our Unimog U1000 with Hiab crane and Werner winch in the snow delivering an equipment cabin to a hill top radio site near Newtown / Y Drenewydd in Mid Wales.
A real all weather delivery service!!

Unimog U1000 lifting an equipment cabin with a HIAB crane

The equipment cabin was accurately positioned on site with the HIAB crane.

Unimog 404 at Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria

Back in 1996 our Mercedes Benz Unimog S404 delivered a cell phone equipment cabin at Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, England.
For the Unimog enthusiast, the S404 was fitted with a 3000cc diesel engine from a MB 300D in place of the original petrol engine. The gradient of the hill was 1 in 6; the cabin and trailer combination weigh 4500 kg. The Unimog was fitted with 14.5 x 20 tyres for additional traction on soft surfaces.

Unimog S404 towing cell phone equipment trailer

A view of the Unimog S404 and cell phone equipment cabin on the road.

Unimog S404 and trailer on the road

A rear view of the cell phone cabin on the trailer.

Crane lift by Commhoist, site build by KDC

The cell phone equipment cabin being lifted from the trailer by a Commhoist crane.

Crane lift by Commhoist, site build by KDC

Another view of the cabin and trailer.

Crane lift by Commhoist

Cabin lift under way.

Crane lift by Commhoist

The cabin is nearly in place.

Unimog S404 at Auchencrosh Hill,Scotland

In 1996 we were contracted by a UK cell phone operator to provide site access across peat moorland at Auchencrosh Hill near Stranraer, Scotland.

Auchencrosh Hill, Scotland

The Unimog was the ideal vehicle for the job.
Few vehicles can travel on a motorway at 50 mph (80 km/h) and still work on such soft terrain.
The tower was air-lifted in by helicopter.

Unimog S404 and Land Rover 130 at Auchencrosh Hill, Scotland

Another view of Auchencrosh Hill. Access was across very soft peat moorland.

Easy access over moor land!

Access "track" to Auchencrosh Hill over typical Scottish heather.

Unimog U1300L towing another cell phone equipment cabin

In 1998 our Mercedes Unimog U1300L was towing another cell phone equipment cabin to a site in Cumbria, England.

Mercedes Unimog U1100 crewcab 4x4 truck

 Mercedes Unimog U1100 equipped for mobile cell deployment

In 2000 our Mercedes Unimog U1100 crewcab was equipped at considerable expense to deploy mobile cell sites for Dolphin Telecom.
In addition to standard Unimog features it was equipped with a dual 12 / 24 V trailer electrical system gas oil tanks with a distribution pump for generator re-fueling and dry storage for specialist equipment.

Land Rover trials motor delivered by Unimog and trailer

It's not all work on this website!!
We delivered our Land Rover Series 3 trials motor to the Easter 1998 event at Greystoke, Cumbria with the Unimog U1300L and trailer. Pity we couldn't tow it around the trials course!!

The only way a Suzuki jeep can go where a Unimog can!

Q. How can a Suzuki jeep go where a Unimog can go?

A. See above!!!

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