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Cross Country Wireless produce a range of HF baluns for dipole, yagi, end fed vertical, Cobweb, off centre fed dipoles and quad loop wire antennas for portable and fixed station use.

All our baluns are based on the 1:1 wideband transmission line "current" balun developed by George Guanella of Brown Boveri in 1944 as a "building block" with two cores connected in series parallel to give a 4:1 or 1:4 balun and three cores connected in series parallel to give a 9:1 balun. We use a modern high grade ferrite for our baluns which gives high current mode isolation typically more than 30 dB across the MF and HF range.

A 9:1 500W current balun and 390 ohm 200W resistor in a diecast box are available for Beverage and the Terminated Inverted U antennas.

All baluns are housed in a compact polycarbonate box measuring 65 x 60 x 40mm.

The polycarbonate box is rated for 25 years exposure to tropical sunlight as well as being waterproof to IP65.

The RF coax connectors use BNC female connectors with M6 stainless steel binding posts for the antenna wire connections.

Each balun is rated and tested at 500W.

The balun design is a short circuit at DC between all terminals so that static electricity can flow down the coax cable braid to an earth point. This also reduces noise from static charged rain and snow.

The small size, light weight and BNC connectors make them ideal for portable or field HF operation.

We can also supply N type female or SO239 connectors on request.

We can supply antenna wire and insulators. We can also provide additional fixings and mounting brackets. Please ask for a quote.

A guide to the use of baluns:

1:1 balun: Use at the feedpoint of a dipole or yagi driven element
4:1 balun: Use at the feedpoint of an off center fed dipole or single element quad or delta loop
1:4 balun: Use at the feedpoint of a Cobweb style or halo dipole element
9:1 balun: Use at the feedpoint of a terminated inverted U, Beverage, simple 43" vertical antenna

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