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Cross Country Wireless Bias Tee Unit

This is the Cross Country Wireless Bias Tee Unit.

It is usually supplied with the HF Active Antenna v4, Loop Antenna Amplifier ++, High Z Antenna Amplifier , Beverage Antenna Amplifier or Flag Antenna Amplifier.

The Bias Tee Unit supplies a 12 V feed up the coax cable to power an antenna amplifier.

It has diode protection for reverse polarity.

The 12 V supply is filtered and also protected against short circuit by a 200 mA polyfuse.

It has diode protection for reverse polarity.

It also has bleed resistors to protect against electrostatic charges on the antenna or on the output to the receiver.

The antenna and receiver connections are 50 ohm BNC female and the power connection is a 5.5 mm long DC power connector with a 2.1 mm centre pin.

The centre pin is positive polarity.

The frequency range of the Bias Tee Unit is 20 kHz to 250 MHz


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