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Cross Country Wireless HF Preselector

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Cross Country Wireless have relaunched their HF Preselector covering from 1.5 to 30 MHz

This can be used to provide additional front end selectivity for HF receivers protecting the receiver from strong out of band transmissions, wideband noise and other transmitters on multi-station field days.

As the sunspot cycle improves and more listening is done on the HF bands with large antennas and with strong NVIS and DX signals then the HF Preselector is an ideal accessory to aid receiver performance.

It is invaluable when using simple conventional superhet or SDR receivers such as RTL-SDR dongles with upconverters or SDRPlay with large HF antennas.

It is an ideal tool to reduce ADC overload on the Icom IC-7300 with the InRad receive only antenna jack kit.

It can also be used with other transceivers that have sockets for a separate receiver input and receive antenna output.

CCW HF Preselector rear photograph

HF Preselector
HF Preselector

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