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Cross Country Wireless SDR-4+ general coverage receiver...frequency range extended to 70.5 MHz

CCW SDR-4+ Receiver

The SDR-4+ is an HF general coverage SDR receiver covering from 0.85 to 70.5 MHz.

It has a Si570 low noise synthesised VFO, relay switched band pass filtering, high linearity NXP RF bipolar amplifier and a built-in USB soundcard.

Key design features include:

CCW SDR-4+ Receiver

In March 2012 following customer feedback and design work on our HF/VHF/UHF Multicoupler we have revised the SDR-4 and released the SDR-4+. This has a revised RF front end using a high linearity NXP RF bipolar amplifier, an IQ audio output to feed external sound cards and other revisions to improve RF performance, gain distribution, IQ balance and the SDR display.

September 2013...As a result of development work on the CCW Sentry SDR transceiver the frequency range of the SDR-4+ has been extended to cover the 4m amateur band. The frequency coverage is now 0.85 to 70.5 MHz. This new version also includes a revised USB sound card and a new antenna isolation transformer with a 2 kV working voltage rating without the 450 ohm antenna input.

September 2014...We also manufacture the SDR-4+ LF low frequency receiver. This has a frequency range of 12 kHz to 2.5 MHz.

January 2016...As a result of further development work on the new CCW Sentry SDR transceiver the RF amplifier has been changed to a high linearity NXP RF bipolar device. The receiver IP3 measurement is now +15 dBm measured with two -2 dBm carriers 200 kHz apart at 14 MHz.

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