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Cross Country Wireless SDR-4+ general coverage receiver...frequency range extended to 70.5 MHz

CCW SDR-4+ Receiver

The SDR-4+ is an HF general coverage SDR receiver covering from 0.85 to 70.5 MHz.

It has a Si570 low noise synthesised VFO, relay switched band pass filtering, NXP high linearity RF bipolar amplifier and a built-in USB soundcard.

Key design features include:

CCW SDR-4+ Receiver

September 2013...As a result of development work on the CCW Sentry SDR transceiver the frequency range of the SDR-4+ has been extended to cover the 4m amateur band. The frequency coverage is now 0.85 to 70.5 MHz. This new version also includes a revised USB sound card and a new antenna isolation transformer with a 2 kV working voltage rating without the 450 ohm antenna input.

January 2016...As a result of further development work on the new CCW Sentry SDR transceiver the RF amplifier has been changed to a NXP high linearity RF bipolar device. The receiver IP3 measurement is now +15 dBm measured with two -2 dBm carriers 200 kHz apart at 14 MHz.

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