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HF Active Loop Antenna v4

Cross Country Wireless manufacture a HF Active Loop Antenna with a frequency range of 500 kHz to 55 MHz.

The antenna can be used for all MW and HF professional monitoring and short wave listening. It can be mounted vertically for bi-directional high angle NVIS reception or horizontally for low angle omnidirectional operation.

The antenna uses a double loop 350 mm or 14" diameter with a variant of our Loop Antenna Amplifier ++ with tight RF filtering to avoid overload of SDR receivers by signals outside the wanted long, medium wave and HF bands.

Careful design of the antenna has isolated the antenna loop from the amplifier so that it has minimal electric field pickup from the loop element. This allows the antenna to work as a true magnetic loop antenna with very deep nulls for interference rejection. It also reduces RF noise when used indoors. A common mode choke on the amplifier output also attenuates RF noise travelling up the coax cable to the antenna.

The antenna has a polycarbonate box housing the amplifier with antenna loops made from heavy coaxial cable with transparent polycarbonate spacers. An aluminium bracket allows the antenna to be mounted either vertically or horizontally to a supporting vertical mast or horizontal rail. The design of the bracket allows it to be used in horizontal mode mounted to a balcony rail on high rise buildings but we would recommend adding an additional safety restraint when used at height. The bracket can also be used to allow the antenna to be placed on a table top for casual short wave listening.

The antenna is ideal for portable operation from temporary listening sites with compact storage and easy installation in areas with restricted access.

A BNC female connector are used for the RF output port on the base unit. RF over-power protection on the antenna and the RF output allow the antenna to be used very close (>2m) to transmit antennas without damage. The antenna could be mounted on top of a rotatable HF beam as a low noise diversity reception antenna.

We can also supply this loop antenna with a HF Multicoupler with a bias tee built in to power the antenna. This provides 5 RF outputs for multiple receiver monitoring.


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We use eBay for our individual customers as they look after the import tax and fees involved in international transactions.

The eBay listing for the V4 Active Loop Antenna is here.

We also offer a combined package of a V4 Active Loop Antenna and a HF Multicoupler.
The HF Multicoupler has a switchwd bias tee feed to power the V4 loop antenna.

The eBay listing for the V4 Active Loop Antenna and HF Multicoupler is here.

If the eBay listing is sold out we have a regular stock situation post on the Cross Country Wireless Groups.IO forum..
We also announce new batches of our products on the Groups.IO forum.

For our professional and commercial customers we now have a account so we can accept bank transfers in local currencies worldwide.

Contact us for a quotation.

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