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Product discontinued, web page for information only. Look at our new Loop Antenna Amplifier...

CCW HF Active Antenna The HF Active Antenna was developed as part of the development work for the Sentinel HF SDR noise measurement receiver and program.

There was a need for an antenna that could be used for accurate RF measurements over a wide range of HF frequencies without being affected by coupling to nearby metallic objects or RF noise from common mode coupling on the feeder and would give long term repeatable results.
If it was an active antenna it also had to be capable of surviving high RF field strengths from HF transmitters operating on the same site and be tolerant of mounting position and supply voltage.
It also had to be built from the highest quality materials to work unattended for years in all weather from arctic to tropical conditions.
It also had to be sensitive enough to receive and measure the RF noise floor at the quietest sites without being overloaded by the strongest broadcast signals in the HF bands.

Now that the RSGB noise measurement project has ended we have redesigned the amplifier used in the antenna to extend coverage down to 10 kHz. Early versions were limited to 200kHz.

This is the result...

Features include:

The HF Active Antenna Operating Manual can be downloaded here .

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